The site

We finally arrived on Monday 27 at Abetenim Arts Village! We met the people living here, watching together to the match England-Island! The day after we checked the sorroundings in the morning and we were introduced to the chief of the village, as custom here, giving him a gift from Italy, a small music instrument called Ocarina, made of clay in a unique piece, by a local craftman nearby Bologna. We now officially have the permission to visit the Village and be part of this wonderful community. 

We have tried to understand the living conditions and issues related to earth buildings, which are the most part here. We also had the chance to test the nighlife at the local pub, with palm liquor loud music and many many children.

Thursday 30, the site is decided! Discussing with Frank, he suggests to place the new project next to the Kente house, to create the training area within the village. We then started to clean the site from vegetation and dig it until the hard soil. We met the skilled workers that are going to work with us and we checked the materials prices at the store at Juaben. It’s time to take decision, and we are desing along with the welder a metal formwork for the rammed walls, attempting to improve this technique, to be used by the whole community. Also the plan has to be designed with new measures and we are trying to bring existing artistic activities within the common area, such as the clay stoves production made by a guy just here a the site. In fact he might really need a new proper working space where to continue his apprenticeship and teach others in the future. 

On Sunday the village becomes very loud because of the six churches, each one playing and singing with drums! We were welcomed again by the methodist community and we really enjoy the time! 



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