​On Monday 11 we poured the concrete floor into the trench for the foundations with Odas, the local mason, Abas, Edward, Adamu and Amelie, ready for her first day at the site!

The day after the team grew up, involving new volunteers from all around the world. Luca, Aleksander and Claire will work with us until the end of July. Also Dr. Mantey from KNUST University of Kumasi, Department of Art, decided to join us for few days.

The still bender arrived to bend the reinforcement bars and rods to lay in the middle of the foundations to avoid vertical cracks of the concrete.

On Wednesday the new volunteers went to the village to analysis the context, following three topics: how locals use common spaces? which kind of craft are there? How to improve local earth techniques? 

On the afternoon Mantey held an interesting lecture about indigenous art and architecture in Ghana, followed by a brief presentation of Adincra symbols

On Thursday, the stones for the foundations eventually arrived! We are very glad to start.Fortunately they are enough big to use cement only as within the mortar, mixed with fine soil, instead of pouring it inbetween the stone. At the end, we won’t even need any still bars.

We called the plumber to set up the water systems for toilet, kitchen and the water tank which will make the building auto-sufficient. 

He estimated the overall cost for water system and he is now ready to start the next week end. 

We also visited the Bonwire village, famous for the traditional Kente clothes!

Many thanks to Luca, Amelie, Aleksander, Claire who are helping us so much in these days!


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