One week more until the foundations are done.  

We decided to make a third rammed sample. This time we used plastic sheet on one side and “the cake” on the other. First layer of oil to make the surface waterproof and dust to avoid the earth to stick on the metal panel. The dust comes as a waste of the gravel we have been using for the foundation wall, filtering them once to make drainage stones, twice to obtain fine quarry dust. 

Both sides achieved good results, in term of smoothness and waterproof surface and resistance. The plastic one seems to be way faster then the other one though.

The percent of cement we used reach the 8%.

In the meantime we all went to the welder’s workshop to find the final design of the feet for the timber pillars, according to the cost of weldings, labour and time. We came out with the idea of cutting and joining the plates together without welding works. Kwame was really interested in developing this concept and he did a very precise job. Now we need to assemble the plates with bolts and spacer, ready to be poured within the concrete ring on the top of foundations.

Mattia and Amelie celebrate thier birthday this week, with special banana cake and pizza!

Unfortunately, Claire left Abetenim. We wish her the best of luck and we are truly thankful for her contribution to the site work and her energy! Also a big hug to Aleks! Enjoy your next project in Riga and thanks again for carrying all the stones!

On Saturday and Sunday we kept on working at the site. The metal feet are ready. Kwame went to Efiduase to make the holes since our bit was not able to drill the plate properly.

Dr. Mantey came back to Abetenim. This time we had the chance to discuss further about the involvement of the whole community into our project and how to let the people identify with it. We also arrange a schedule for the next activities at the site with all the volunteers and interested locals.

The team is now increasing: Alessandro and Rosalba are now part of this adventure. Akwaaba!



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