On tuesday 9 we took some rest from the construction site visiting the wonderful Kentampo waterfall.

In the beginning of this week we completed the timber formwork and started the pouring of the concrete on it. The process lasted three days, with the help of new volunteers just came. We are going to wait three days before removing the boards.

The team also assembled the metal feet for the pillars, ready to be place in the right position with some mortar on the bottom.

In the meantime we brought the metal formwork down to Abetenim square, to build a small sample of rammed earth to be used as a bench. 

Martina and Paolo organised few games for the kids and Edward and Abas showed how to mix and ram. Plenty people come to see and discuss or help. We all hope to involve more people as soon as the walls step starts. This event was definitely a great chance to trigger a public forum between us and the whole village.

After that we all moved to the site engaging the children with some painting activities and pizza!

Ben presented the Carla’s project in which he has been part of as volunteer for few months. The project is meant to be an auto-sufficient house, off grid from water and energy supply waste. It is a extremely interesting work potentially able to deeply improve the local living conditions. Check out more about it.

Lina, the columbian dancer from Vienna, organized her last dancing class at the site theatre, before coming back home. Late in the evening she also performed with four girls from Abetenim, putting together classical movements with african rythmes. Great energy, thanks Lina! Best of luck. Hope to meet you again.
Time to have a break. The trotro will drive us to Atebubu, the starting town for the wild trip to Digya National Park and the rural town on Kwame Dounso . We will be back on Sunday!


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