After 9 weeks we still keep our spirit high. The fast speed of walls construction let us actually believe we will finish this step on time. The teamwork of this week was incredibily effective. More the project grows more the motivation becomes stronger. 

To remove and set up again the metal formwork is a bit demanding in terms of time and effort. The T shape are more conplicated compared to the C and I ones, which are way faster. But the first layer plus half second layer are already done.

During the second ramming, it was necessary to place the metal box for the socket within the earth walls, along with the pipes for the electric wire passing through the wall until the top. We also thought it was necessay to insert some side wooden board on thr firs and second layer, in order to set a flexible fixing system for future furniture, such as shelves. 

Further, the volunteers help us in filling the foundation with more earth and digging the red soil for many mix. 

Adamu has joined the site for few days, learning how to mix and adding water with the right content, with Abas experience on his behalf. After Edward and Abas suggestions, we decided to work half day more, 4 days out of 5, to speed up the construction process. On the other hand we want to have more free time during the weekend to organize activities among the people from Abetenim and understand deeper this amazing culture.


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