“Harder than hard!” Oti pointed out. Faster than fast though! It has been only 2 weeks since the first level was rammed and we are already on the top of the third. We are all learning how to remove and set up the formwork quickly, combining pieces together, placing the metal boxes for the sockets, the angle sticks for the corner automatically. Abas looks very involved in this method and the workers are all satisfied about the result. The wall joints show clearly how the pre-fabricated system works, like many big bricks layed one on the top of each other. Where it is possible we are also trying to offset the rammed blocks to have a stronger connections between them.

Unfortunately while removing the formwork on Monday, a small corner next to the window frame broke down. Kofi took the decision to cut out a bigger portion of the wall and we suggested him to shape that edge to make a kind of joint. The next formwork was then placed backwards to ram again the missing parts and everything has been fixed.

On tuesday 30 the wet season stopped us! The rain was so strong that even the covering plastic sheets were enought to protect the earth. But again nothing happened. And we still kept on ramming!

A big hug to Amelie, who left Abetenim  almost after 2 months. Special thanks for all the support she gave us, for the positive behaviour, for her patient, for her strenght and good designing ideas. She really left something which will keep the construction alive until the end and further on. We will meet each other again! Best of luck Amelie!
Beatrice and Gina have just arrived this week. Ready to start and bring more point of views and energy. We also had some many visitors interested in this project, asking technical aspects and comparing costs.



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