​On Sunday 4 we went to the village with Prof. Mantey, to talk more with the people about our mission here and we had the chance to look inside few traditional patio houses. Some of them were built almost 70 years ago, made by Atakpame, the local earth building technique. Mantey questioned people in the Twi language, about new contemporary earth architecture, as well as what they have seen and understood at the Art Village, where we are building the project. Apart from those who didn’t know about the new contructions at the site, some others showed much interest towards new earth building methods and we invited them to meet us frequently during the next working days. 

Sometimes, we get the impression that we are building something which locals don’t identify with, like an experimentation to far from the real community needs. For this reason we will now try to explain better how much affordable rammed houses are. In fact, using the new metal formworks the overall cost of walls decreases and it becomes cheaper compared to the cement block building, the most popular and aspired material nowdays.

Linda and Paolo, our friends from Italy came here on tuesday to volunteer! Soon they became part of the team, right after a day of digging and carrying barrows!

On Wednesday 7 we finally completed the T sections of the 4th level, which is quite hard to reach with no scaffolding but not impossible as we expected. By the time we start the 5th level we will need to find a flexible support to lift the formworks up easily.

Together with Beatrice and Gina, they all went on Thursday to the “big stone”, to take some amazing pictures of the tropical forest landscape from very high.

The week end has started with a great pizza at Nik’s, in Kumasi. We spent a night there and the day after we went looking for new nuts. Unfortunately the thread of many nuts we are using with the metal  bars is usually lasting no more than two or three day. We needed to find best quality nuts and we asked at the Asafo market, where people led us to the fitting shops. 

On the way back home we even stopped by the store to buy a new barrow, since the rooms filling needs more time and tools, and the ones we are using are quite in bad conditions.


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