Today we’ve started to focus on greenhouses visiting what VIS has already built here in Sunyani.
First we had a  meeting with Gianpaolo, Michela and Ricky, showing our ideas to them and discussing solutions, according to their experience on site. We then moved to the Don Bosco Technical Institute. Ricky showed us how the workshops are organized, which tools they use, which material they are able to work an so on. Most of the structures inside the school are built by the students, with ingenuity and skills. Later on, Gianpaolo led us to the first VIS greenhouse. It has been built by an Accra based company. The structure looks well constructed and well detailed. Unfortunately it has a lack of ventilation, due to small vents, not placed at the upper part and only in the facade. Also the fun was not working. Therefore, the temperature was really high, without chance for breezes to pass through the mosquito net.
The same morning, we have checked materials availability for transparent roofing sheets, with good result in terms of cost. We’ve also found cheap pvc undulated panels, which was not available in Accra market. This material is softer then fiberglass but not weaker.
After lunch, it was time to visit Techi’s farm. On the way we stopped by the new church of francescani, which was interesting for the geodetic dome, made out of metal pipes. It could be a valuable idea for the greenhouse.
Techi has attended three courses at the Technical school and joined the greenhouse program few months ago. VIS has helped him during the starting part but he is now developing the greenhouse and his production of crops with really knowledge and passion. He showed us how to inpollinate tomatoes by self inpollination. His greenhouse looks more effective than the one used at the school for training. He plants his crops directly on ground (no buckets) previously sterilize. In both greenhouse, they use only biological to protect crops from insect. Now, tomatoes are growing strong. This type of greenhouse has better ventilation, without any mechanic features. The pick vents are working really well extracting heating outside. On top, it has different mosquito net, similar to the common one used for windows. The one provide together with the tarpaulin, by the greenhouse producer, has smaller mash, able to keep the white fly and other dangerous insect out from the greenhouse.
Around the greenhouse Techi has been developing a large farm, with hundred of cucumber plants and animals like turkey and chicken. He also gifted us with a rooster at the end!



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