The weekend is arriving soon, so we eventually decided which solution will address our needs more, such us construction ease, durability, costs and climate aspects.
During the first part of the day we calculated the material cost for both solutions. The first is a single roof, with earth walls on elevations, metal trusses and transparent pvc roofing. The geodetic one has a lower costruction cost than the other option because the structure is very optimized and talking with Brother Ricky, he also suggested to go further with the geodetic solution, even if it might be more demanding. He looks enthusiastic about it, since it could open up many possibilities for his workshop to work in a more technological way with students. The structure could also be very replicable due to profiles size and materials availability.
After that we discussed with Joshua and Paul, the welder and the carpenter, before going to town in order to buy wood and metal profiles. We spent the all afternoon looking around for the right prices, spending around 300€, but the structure is now ready to start. Tomorrow some students will help on site, removing the top soil and leveling the ground before starting the real prototype.



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