Low-cost rammed earth dwelling units in rural Ghana


Following the work initiated within the village of Abetenim with eARThouse2016 projects and Opoku’s House, it was considered that defining a coordinated program would enable the expansion of the guidelines implemented, for a long-term project toward the development of the most disadvantaged Ghanaian communities.

The project aims to replicate the methods tested in the pilot site of Opoku, providing technical support, to those identified as in need, in terms of optimization of the design choices in accordance with available resources.
The building will be built together with the local team of builders, who are specializing in the technique, while striving to maximize their autonomy.

Action lines in Ghana

Awareness and involvement of local communities concerned, through the organisation of participative meetings that aim to spread the advantages related to the rammed earth technique and lead to promote the local heritage.

Improving living conditions through the construction of dwelling units, using natural and low cost techniques, and the maintenance of earth traditional buildings through the beginning of participative rehabilitation projects.

Promotion of entrepreneurship through the vocational training of a working team specialized in construction and maintenance of earth buildings, promoting the creation of an independent development.

Involved authorities: Kumasi University, village chief and municipality, families.
Being defined: Italian Embassy in Ghana.

Action lines in Italy

Disclosure of the activities carried out in Ghana through photography exhibitions and presentations during public events with the purpose to raise awareness about dwelling conditions of african disadvantages communities.

Active participation of children and young people through activities and laboratories about natural construction techniques. This could lead to reflect about different possibilities and dwelling conditions of communities in the world.

Activation of research projects within italian Universities to analyze the construction features of earth techniques. Activation of Conventions between italian Universities and ghanaian Universities promoting exchanges and internships between these two institutions.

Involved authorities: Ferrara University Center for Iternational Cooperation.
Being defined: Italian NGOs operating in african countries, local authorities.

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