Load is a group of young architects interested towards marginal urban contexts. We work with a site-specific approach, in terms of cultural diversity, local resources, social and humanitarian development.

We use architecture as a hand-made construction process which closely evolves from users’ needs, following functional and cost-effective principles.

Building within human-scale method enable many social links in both urban and rural communities, because it involves the optimisation of the techniques, sharing of hands-on knowledge, more local materials and workforce, thus cooperative work and participatory design among dwellers.

Each products basically aims to address common and specific requirements due to the skills ingenuity of its producer.  Likely, buildings should be responsible for dwelling issues which are fulfil by great attention focused on the tradition and innovation. For this reason,  community development and regeneration projects are chances to enhance human resources, increase creative capacities and promote cultural identities. The sharing of knowledge between locals and experts is therefore a necessary conditions for the addition of new products within the existing habitat.

We dial with emergency situations occurring within the communities using a global and multicultural approach. We adopt a user-centered design, emphasising self-build and mutual assistance aspects. We believe these are the basis for a very adaptive architecture. The great movements of people and social melting pot nowadays, the dwelling needs to arrange the spaces according to user’s culture and allows them to live together and establish new relationships, with no borders and barriers.