Countdown has started. This Monday was a really busy day. During the morning we went to buy some materials, like the plastic sheet, paint, pipes etc. The way we move from one shop to another just to find a single screw of 3″ is not possible to tell. It takes around 4 hours to buy everything and going back without losing the patience! Who knows Ghana could understand what we are telling.
At the same time, thanks to Erik, the masonry teacher at the DBTI, many students came to help with the wall construction. We decided to enlarge the wall thickness in some points, where the structure met joints will be placed. Now, they have already built half wall and dug two trench, useful for the geothermal ventilation pipes. Joshua the welder is moving forward but still the joints are not ready. At least, the sample, 6ways, 5ways and 4ways joints are done. We will than  need to reinforce then with more welding points, than grind the sharp corners, paint them with black oxide to prevent for rust. The wooden profile are already treated with a antitermite product, and they are now ready to be assembled.



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