Opoku’s House_rammed earth dwelling unit

Project title: Opoku’s house
Location: Abetenim, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Time schedule: from October 2016 (on-going building)
Consultant: Mantey Jectey-Nyarko (Ph.D), Artistic consultant, Department of Art, KNUST University, Kumasi

While working at eARThouse project in Abetenim Arts Village, it became necessary to understand how much cost-effective the metal formworks were.
As a community tool, their purpose consists of decreasing the overall construction cost when using rammed earth technique, for a greater affordability of better dwelling conditions by anyone, regardless his social status. Together with Abetenim Community Coordinator and Dr. Mantey, lecturer at the Art Departmente of KNUST, Kumasi, we have therefore met Opoku.

See the project development and technical description.

Opoku is a farmer with a wife and three children and he has already started the foundations of his new house. Since, as many people from the village, he had the chance to work within a construction site of a previous international rammed earth workshop, he decided to build his own house with the same technique.

Unfortunately, few months ago, he ran out of money, but he now agreed with us to continue building with rammed earth walls, since the money he has saved are enough to go on using reusable formworks.

The key of this project lies within the capacity of the owner to fund the building himself. In fact, any decision was taken from to Opoku’s resources, according to his budget only and developing user-specific solutions.

Opoku’s house is still in progress. Keep you up to date and follow its latest updates here!

See the project development and technical description.

Designing team: LOAD (Lorenzo Conti, Sara Bettoli, Mattia Lucchetti), Lara Weiler, Samanta Lua

Volunteers: Lara Weiler, Samanta Lua, Luca Giamesio, Georgina Windley


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